Founded in 1970, HAMOM is a nonprofit support group made up of and open to all mothers of multiples in Huntsville, Alabama, and surrounding areas. Monthly meetings allow members to coordinate activities, socialize, and share individual experiences. Our meetings often include guest speakers who present a wide range of topics of particular interest to parents of multiples. HAMOM conducts a number of annual projects and events for the benefit of the members and the Huntsville community. We also provide support and advice for expectant mothers of multiples and keep in touch with MOMs at home or in the hospital before and after their multiples are delivered, including meals, babysitting, or simply lending a helping hand.

HAMOM meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with social time beforehand at 6:30 p.m. Meeting locations vary from meeting rooms at First Baptist Church of Huntsville to local area restaurants. All meeting announcements will include the location.


Q: What kinds of items are accepted in the Spring sale?

A: The Spring sale covers spring and summer, so you can include Swim Suits, sandals, tank tops, shorts, sun hats, and other spring and summer appropriate clothing. Long pants and jeans are acceptable, but heavy fabric like velour or corduroy are not acceptable. Baby gear and toys of all kinds are accepted in the Spring sale, along with child and family appropriate books and videos. Maternity clothing follows the rule for children's clothing. Only Spring and Summer season appropriate maternity clothes will be accepted. Toys of all sorts and family-friendly books and items are also acceptable during this sale. Stuffed animals are no longer accepted at MOMsMart at all. All items must be clean and stain-free!

Q: What kinds of items are accepted in the Fall sale?

A: The Fall sale includes fall and winter clothing, which includes many different types of clothing since we are in the south. Short-sleeved shirts and infant onesies are both okay to sell in the Fall sale. We also sell Halloween costumes, holiday apparel, coats and jackets in the Fall sale. Many different types of shoes are acceptable, but sandals and flip-flops are not. We do not allow shorts or short outfits during the fall sale. If you have Valentine's Day apparel, you'll want to sell it in the Fall sale. Maternity clothing follows the rule for children's clothing. Only Fall and Winter season appropriate maternity clothes will be accepted. Toys of all sorts and family friendly books and items are also acceptable during this sale. Stuffed animals are no longer accepted at MOMsMart at all. All items must be clean and stain-free!

Q: How should I price my items?

A: A general rule of thumb is to price your items 1/3 to 1/4 of the original price at the time of purchase.

For clothing, it varies depending on the quality of the clothing, the age of the clothing, and how worn the clothing appears to be. A pair of Carter's pajamas (which is a medium quality clothing brand that can run $8-12 new) with no stains, little wear, and still looks to be fairly new can be priced at $3.50-$5. The same pair of pajamas with real visible wear (and still stain free because we don't accept stained clothing) is going to sell for $2-$3.50 at most. If you have store-brand clothing (Faded Glory, Circo, Jumping Beans), you really need to price these items closer to the 1/4 or even 1/5 the sales price. Reasoning is because store brand items are made of lesser quality fabric that becomes pilly (those little tiny balls of fabric all over the piece of clothing) after a couple of washings. Even some medium-quality clothing items from Carters will become pilly. Pilly items are going to earn you less at a consignment sale. Higher quality items from children's stores and boutiques are going to sell for closer to the 1/3 to 1/4 mark because they are going to last longer and look nicer after a season's wear. A Gymboree summer dress can sell at a consignment sale for $5-$8 easily, as long as it still looks nice.

For toys, shoes, and gear, simply follow that 1/3 to 1/4 rule of thumb. As before, it depends on how well the item has held up after wear and how much the item was at the time of purchase.

Whether your item is a piece of clothing, a toy, shoes or something like a high chair, BE SURE the item is CLEAN! A dirty high chair isn't going to sell. A dirty pair of shoes isn't going to sell. We DO NOT accept dirty or stained items of any kind!

Q: How should I tag shoes?

A: Smaller sized shoes should be put in a zip-top bag if at all possible. Tape or pin the tag to the bag (make it as secure as possible), but make sure you do not tape over the barcode. Our workers must scan the barcode, and if it is covered your item may not be sold.

Q: What specialty sections are at the sale?

A: We have specialty clothing sections to help shoppers locate certain items they are looking for. As a consignor, it helps to organize your clothing before the sale by separating your items by section so you can put your stuff out quicker at drop off.

Spring specialty clothing sections: 
  • Boutique
  • Holiday (Easter, July 4)
  • Pajamas
  • Dance
  • Swim
Fall specialty clothing sections: 
  • Boutique
  • Holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day)
  • Pajamas
  • Dance
  • Costumes
  • Jackets
  • Game Day Outfits

Q: What kind of paper should I print my tags on?

A: White cardstock paper. 

Q: Who can consign at MOMsMart?

A: MOMsMart is open to private consignors in the Huntsville area who wish to sell gently-used or new children's items. All consignors are responsible for becoming familiar with the requirements found on this website; including tagging instructions, drop-off/pick-up, and acceptable items. The MOMsMart co-chairs reserve the right to prohibit any consignors who do not adhere to the sale's standards and guidelines. You do not have to be a member of the Huntsville Area Mothers of Multiples (HAMOM) group to consign. 

Q: I am a HAMOM member. What do I need to do to consign?

A: Member Consignors must work at least one shift during MOMsMart. Consignors will be alerted when worker shifts are open, and they are first come, first served. Members who have consigned in the past will receive an email with the link to register once the sale is open. New members who are interested in becoming a consignor should visit the MOMsMart Consignor Sign-Up Page and follow the directions to start the consignor sign-up process.

Q: I'm not a HAMOM member. What do I need to do to consign?

A: Non-Member (Outside) Consignors must pay a $5.00 fee in order to consign at MOMsMart. The consignor fee will be deducted from your final check. Visit the MOMsMart Consignor Sign-Up Page and follow the directions to start the consignor sign-up process.

Q: What kind of hangers am I supposed to use?

A: As it stands, we do not have any rules on hangers. You can use metal or plastic, including hangers that come on the items at the time you purchased them from the store. If you use a hanger with a size already on the hanger, either make sure the clothing matches the size on the hanger or mark the size out with a permanent marker. This lessens confusion for shoppers. Instructions for hanging your items can be found on the Tagging Instructions page.

Q: Where can I get hangers for the sale?

A: We now sell hangers to HAMOM members and outside consignors. Consignors will receive specific information about purchasing supplies before each sale. We suggest contacting local dry cleaners if you are interested in purchasing hangers. Some local cleaners will actually give you hangers for free, while others will charge about a dollar per dozen. You can find hangers at Walmart and Target, but this is probably the more costly route.

Q: How should I tag toys?

A: Secure tags to toys with tape or a safety pin (when appropriate). Make sure your tape does not cover the barcode on your tag. Make sure your toys have batteries in them and are functional without any broken or missing parts. If your toys make it out to our sales floor and are not clean or functional, they will be removed and not returned to you.

Q: Do you accept stuffed animals?

A: No.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of items consigned by each person?

A: Non-members and Members are not limited to any number of consigned items. HAMOM reserves the right to refuse any item for any reason.

Q: Is there a minimum number of items that I must consign if I'm an outside consignor?

A: Yes. Outside Consignors (Non-members) must consign AT LEAST 20 ITEMS in order to consign. 

Q: When will I receive my MOMsMart check?

A: Before this is answered, please keep in mind that our workers and board members are all volunteers. Not only do we care for multiple children, but many of us have full time jobs. That being said, it is our goal to work as quickly as possible to account for tags, money collected, and other duties that come with paying our consignors. This could take a couple of weeks to complete, depending on how much time is available to dedicate to this task. It would be safe to assume you will not see a check for at least two weeks after the sale, and as many as four. All consignors will have a contact email they've used to communicate with the MOMsMart Co-Chairs. If you are curious or feel that you've given a fair amount of time to have received your check, but still have not seen it, please feel free to contact the Co-Chairs. They're still active and check the MOMsMart emails even after the sale.

Q: Are car seats sold at MOMsMart?

A: We allow our consignors to sell their car seats at MOMsMart. This is a case of "buyer beware" because car seats expire. Car seats that have been in an accident are considered to be no longer safe and should be destroyed. HAMOM is not responsible for expired seats being sold to buyers. However, we do our best to remove objects from the sale that do not belong, like expired seats. Visit a car seat manufacturer's website to view the lifespans of their car seats. 

Q: Are cribs sold at MOMsMart?

A: Cribs are allowed to be sold at MOMsMart, but beginning June 2011 there were serious restrictions on what kinds of cribs can be resold in America. This includes drop-side cribs being sold in retail stores and resold through consignment stores, sales and websites like Craig's List. For more information, please visit the CPSC website's Crib Information Center. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT DROP-SIDE CRIBS AT OUR SALE!

Q: I'm trying to print my tags. Why are they blank?

A: You MUST enter the description, price, and quantity of each item in your inventory in the My Sales Manager system. You can not print blank tags.