Founded in 1970, HAMOM is a nonprofit support group made up of and open to all mothers of multiples in Huntsville, Alabama, and surrounding areas. Monthly meetings allow members to coordinate activities, socialize, and share individual experiences. Our meetings often include guest speakers who present a wide range of topics of particular interest to parents of multiples. HAMOM conducts a number of annual projects and events for the benefit of the members and the Huntsville community. We also provide support and advice for expectant mothers of multiples and keep in touch with MOMs at home or in the hospital before and after their multiples are delivered, including meals, babysitting, or simply lending a helping hand.

HAMOM meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with social time beforehand at 6:30 p.m. Meeting locations vary from meeting rooms at First Baptist Church of Huntsville to local area restaurants. All meeting announcements will include the location.





(Revised July 2009)

(Revised June 2016)


Name of the club is HUNTSVILLE AREA MOTHERS OF MULTIPLES, abbreviated as HAMOM (effective 1999) and formally known as the Huntsville Area Mothers of Twins Club, HMOTC. Founded in 1970.



The purpose of HAMOM is to promote general fellowship among its mothers of twins, triplets and higher order births. HAMOM will provide a source of advice and support for families of multiple birth children. This organization will further serve as a source of information about multiple children and related areas. HAMOM will work to promote educational and social activities for the membership. HAMOM will also work to increase awareness of the individuality of each multiple.

HAMOM is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-partisan, non-racial and non-sectarian organization.

Rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the by-laws or the special rules of order of this organization. 


The bylaws may be amended by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of all qualified members present. At least a two week notice shall be given in advance of the vote.


1.    The membership will consist of women who are mothers, guardians, stepmothers or expectant mothers of twins, triplets and other multiples. 

2.    Member must demonstrate a willingness to accept the policies and objectives of HAMOM.

3.    Members must pay dues timely per schedule after joining HAMOM. 

4.    Prospective (or potential) members may visit up to three meetings and receive three complimentary newsletters and receive access to the Private HAMOM Facebook page within their 90 day potential status, but upon the next meeting attended are required to pay dues to become an active member and to continue to receive the newsletter.

5.    Members in arrears of dues shall relinquish all privileges of membership.


1.    As stated by National guidelines, HAMOM fiscal year will be August 1st to July 31st. Dues are as follows:

o    Membership dues are $30 per year and run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.

o    b. Previous members in good standing that renew their membership after the renewal deadline during the following year in the months of January 1st - June 30th must still pay $30.00. A late fee of $5.00 will be collected with dues. Member wishing to discontinue membership must notify Membership Chair in writing by email or postal letter.

2.    If a member's check is returned by the bank, the member is responsible for paying the amount of the returned check plus bank charges incurred by club account.

3.    FIRST TIME MEMBERS shall be assessed dues by the following schedule:

o    Membership Granted - Month Dues Assessed

o    July - December $30.00

o    January - June $15.00

4.    The dues are non-refundable except in the case of the loss of one or more children at the mother's request. 

5.    Any paid members of 5 consecutive years will receive a discounted rate of $25 for membership after their membership anniversary. This will be documented in the database.

6.    Any paid members of 10 consecutive years will receive a discounted rate of $20 for membership after their membership anniversary. This will be documented in the database.

7.    Any paid members of 15 years or more will receive "Lifetime" membership. This means they will receive a complimentary newsletter and their annual dues paid in full. This will be documented in the membership database.

8.    Dues to the National Organization shall be paid by the Treasurer by September 30th.

9.    If HAMOM's gross receipts exceed $25,000 annually, filing IRS Form 990 by December 15th is required. If HAMOM's gross receipts do not exceed $25,000 annually, a financial statement with a letter from HAMOM Treasurer and President is sent to NOMOTC by March 31st of the following year, authorizing NOMOTC to include our chapter in their filing of IRS Form 990.

10.  All club disbursements shall be paid by check or checking account debit card.

11.  Disbursements other than normal budgeted amounts over $50 shall require prior approval of both the President and the Treasurer.



1.    Meetings will be held on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month with social time beginning at 6:30 and the meeting beginning at 7:00 p.m. However, due to conflicts, holidays, and/or school calendars the board can change the meeting date. 

2.    Members shall not bring children to meetings or club functions unless otherwise specified.  Exceptions may be made for members who are breastfeeding.

3.    Family and friends are welcome to attend as visitors only at specified meetings and events.

4.    Regular meeting shall be conducted as follows:

o    a. Sign-In

o    b. Call to Order

o    c. Club Business

o    d. Reading minutes from the last meeting (may be substituted by members receiving the minutes in written form and members agreement to not read the minutes out loud)

o    e. Program presentation

o    f. Adjournment



1.    All officers (Board of Directors) will attend board meetings. All other board members (Committee Chair MOMs) are encouraged to attend. 

2.    The majority (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors and/or the majority of the board present at the quarter board meeting or via email votes will determine all decisions, with a two-day grace period for responses on all email votes. If a board member is unable to attend, she may send her vote by proxy based on the agenda. 

3.    Meetings will be held May, August, November, and February. Alternations to this schedule may be made by majority board approval and membership notified.




Three officers should be in attendance, one of which shall be the president or vice-president, and thirty (30%) percent of the membership of this organization shall constitute a quorum of this organization.


1.    Five nominations or volunteers to the nominating committee shall be made at the January monthly meeting.

2.    At least one person from the previous outgoing nominating committee shall be included in the new committee. 

3.    The chair for this committee shall be elected by the committee when it is formed. 

4.    No member may serve more than two consecutive years on the nominating committee.

5.    A single slate of nominations is acceptable. Nominations from the floor are also acceptable.

6.    Only members who have paid their dues by the time of the election process begins (January 1st) shall be allowed to vote or hold office.

7.    The committee shall present a slate of nominations to the membership no later than the March meeting.

8.    If no one elects to be on the Nominating Committee, nominations may be requested via email or club newsletter in lieu of the Nominating Committee

9.    Elections will be held by secret ballot no later than the April meeting.

10.  The chair and two (2) members of the Nominating Committee or three tellers appointed by the president shall count the votes.

11.  A candidate is elected by receiving a majority of votes cast.

12.  In the event of a tie vote, a second vote is taken and the winner is selected based on plurality. If a second vote also results in a tie, the winner is selected by lot.



1.    The Board will consist of President, Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President (as needed), Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Publications, National's Representative, Outreach, Hospitality, and Librarian/Historian.

2.    To qualify for the office of President, a member must have served and fulfilled their duties in another elected office. 

3.    A 2nd Vice-President chair, can be elected by the club as needed or can  be elected by the formation of a "sister membership" of a surrounding area

4.    Those elected to office must have served on a committee and/or served and fulfilled their duties as members of a MOMs Mart committee for 1 or more years. 

5.    The First Vice President will assume the office of the President if vacated. The First Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer offices, if vacated, will be appointed by the current year board or directors.



1.    The incoming Board of Directors will appoint the Standing Committee Chair-MOMs at the June board meeting.

2.    The Board of Directors has the authority to ask for the resignation of any committee chair-MOMs, co-chair-MOMs or Board Officers who fails to fulfill her duties and fill the position with a qualified member appointed by the board.

3.    A vacancy in an office shall be filled by election from the membership

4.    If an officer misses three consecutive monthly meetings without explanation, this will be considered as resignation from this office

5.    Procedures for vacant chair or co-chair position during the year:

o    If a position becomes vacant during the year the executive board contacts the names on the committee list to see if anyone is interested in chairing the committee.

o    If there is an interested member, the executive board ONLY will vote at the next bi-monthly meeting or via email.

o    If no one wants to chair this committee then the Vice President will announce the position in the newsletter for one month.

  1. If a Member Survey is utilized, Board Members may use HAMOM Member Survey information to obtain committee volunteers and receive input for potential events.




1.    The service year for the Board of Directors will run from June until May. Elections and installation will be held no later than the May meeting with incoming officers assuming their duties by June 1st  of each year.

2.    The Offices of Publications, National's Representative, Hospitality, Membership, Secretary, Historian and Outreach may serve consecutive years. 

3.    The Offices of President, Vice-President, and Treasurer may not serve more than two consecutive terms unless they meet the qualifications of paragraph 4.

4.    President, Vice-President, and Treasurer may serve more than two consecutive terms for the same office with the approval of a quorum of HAMOM members in attendance at the monthly meeting designated for elections.

5.    In the event that no one volunteers to chair a committee, the outgoing chair-MOM may serve another year. (Updated June 2002)

6.    The service year for the chair-MOM is from June until May. 



The outgoing President will serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors for one year.



·         Official representative of the organization. 

·         Supervises all club activities.

·         Makes financial recommendations for the club.

·         Audit club checking account on a quarterly basis.

·         Conducts business portion of meetings.

·         Calls and conducts board meetings.

·         Locate and secure meeting facilities - liaison between Club and facility's representative.

·         Responsible for coordinating setup and securing facility after meetings and club events.

·         Work closely with the Board in planning monthly meetings and other activities.

·         Write monthly column for newsletter describing previous meeting and upcoming events. 

·         Coordinate with Membership Officer to ensure all officers and committees have current membership status list.

·         Will serve as an ex-officio member of all committees (except the nomination committee).

·         The president must have served at least one year on the board of directors of this organization prior to assuming the office of President.




·         Coordinate monthly meeting programs as needed.

·         Plan speakers and programs for monthly meetings or designate duties as agreed to by the Board. 

·         Serve as club liaison for guest speakers and introduce speakers to club (this includes both written in newsletters and orally at meetings).


·         Coordinate monthly play dates or designate duties as agreed to by the Board.

·         Coordinate with Hospitality Chair in locating and reserving site for annual picnic and New MOMs Social (specific name, time of year and type of social activity to be decided by the Board every year).

·         Co-Chair semi-annual MOMs Mart Committee.

·         Is an ex-officio member of all committees (except the nomination committee)

·         Shall assume the office of president in the event of resignation or inability of the president to complete her term.


·         Maintain list of members attending sister membership meetings and submit list to President.

·         Ensure all requests for expenditures by the sister membership group are approved by the President and Treasurer prior to the purchase.

·         Coordinate meetings and play-dates for HAMOM members living in the sister membership area. 

·         Conduct informal meetings for HAMOM members living in the sister membership area. 

·         Serve as liaison between HAMOM-sister membership regarding meeting facilities.

·         Initiate notification by phone or email regarding meetings and play-dates.

·         Update list of potentials and provide copies at HAMOM-sister membership meetings. 

·         Maintain attendance roster at HAMOM-sister membership meetings.

·         Coordinate refreshments for monthly meetings.

·         Send information and/or membership packets to potential or new members. 

·         Maintain current contents of membership packets. 

·         Coordinate with local members to provide phone support or other support for pregnant MOMs (on bed-rest), and for new mothers of multiples.

·         Coordinate with local members to periodically distribute HAMOM flyers to pediatric and obstetrics offices.

·         Serve as liaison between HAMOM chapter and its sister membership area members.

·         Submit monthly newsletter articles about meetings, play-dates, prayer requests/concerns, potential and new members to Membership and Publications.

·         Attend executive officers meetings and HAMOM business meetings.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board

·         If there is not a membership need for a sister club, the 2nd Vice-President may still be utilized by the Board as an additional position as necessary.




·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed

·         Take minutes at regular monthly meetings and create report for monthly newsletter.

·         Take minutes at Board of Directors meetings, create report and send out to the Board within 10 days of the meeting.

·         Write "Thank you" notes to speakers and coordinate purchase of "THANK YOU" gift or gift certificate to be presented to speaker.

·         Coordinate with President to pick up mail from Post Office box and distribute information, or designate duty as agreed to by the Board.

·         Maintain letter of non-profit status

·         Handle club correspondence or designate duties as agreed to by the Board.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board.


·         Collect Dues.

·         Write checks for monthly annual expenses.

·         Make deposits and maintain bank account balance.

·         Create spreadsheet of balances and expenses and report to president and Board of Directors on quarterly basis.

·         Make financial recommendations for the club to the President and Board at large.

·         Coordinate payment of dues to the NOMOTC with the National Representative; and coordinate letter of non-profit status with the Secretary.

·         If applicable, file Form 990 with IRS by December 15TH or designated paperwork by March 31st.

·         Maintain financial records for history and record keeping coordinating with Secretary and/or Historian as applicable.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board.


·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed.

·         Maintain attendance roster at monthly meetings and special events.

·         Maintain list of paid members

·         Coordinate with Treasurer and President to maintain current membership list of entire organization.

·         Send current Membership listing via email to all Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

·         Maintain membership packets and keep contents current.

·         Send membership packets to new and prospective members. Via email is acceptable.

·         Coordinate with President, VP and Publications on keeping list of potentials current and maintain cut off dates, reviewing case by case.

·         Coordinate with Outreach, VP and President in meal donation and delivery to members or potentials in need, i.e., new MOMs, MOMs with determined needs.

·         Check and respond to all email requests on a regular basis.  Share and forward as necessary and retain all information regarding membership on the organizational list.


·         Collect Dues during Monthly Meetings if Treasurer is unable to attend and temporary designation is agreed to by the Board.

·         Create name tags for new members and for MOMsMart workers.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board


·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed

·         Compile submitted newsletter articles and information into the HAMOM monthly newsletter and distribute newsletter to members by email or postal service.

·         Update website information, calendars, etc., or coordinate with designated member as web master for assistance.

·         Work with President, VP and designated committee in creating pamphlets or fliers regarding club and activities.

·         Create business cards as needed.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board


·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed

·         Coordinates publicity for HAMOM (i.e., writes news releases and submits articles to local newspapers for special events.

·         Contact local churches, schools, physician offices, etc., to promote HAMOM.

·         Coordinate with groups/members in areas surrounding the Greater Huntsville Area with information pertaining to support and club events.


·         Attends Marvelous Multiples class and arranges for other HAMOM members to attend. This chair will represent HAMOM and provide the class with information about HAMOM and any information on multiples in general.

·         Distribute and/or coordinates the distribution of HAMOM pamphlets, flyers and any other information to NICU, fertility, obstetrics and pediatric offices.

·         Work with President, VP and Treasurer on fundraising or charitable projects aiding HAMOM members of potentials in need.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board


·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed

·         Maintain regular and timely communication with the National organization to keep the local club informed of the National activities. 

·         Keep National informed of local club's activities as necessary and maintain National Representative Notebook.

·         Coordinate with Treasurer in order to send list of paid members and national dues to NOMOTC.

·         Provide information for monthly newsletter publication.

·         Provide printed information pertaining to monthly scheduled meetings, as needed.

·         Provide club vote for the national convention.  (May be mail in)

·         Other duties as designated by the Board.


·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed

·         Coordinates refreshments for monthly meetings. 

·         Selects a theme, which coordinates with the meeting topic. Arranges for food, beverages, and paper products for each monthly meeting. Arrives at meetings to prepare for the meetings.

·         Greet and welcome new, expecting and potential members at monthly meetings and club events.

·         Work with Membership and Outreach chairs in coordinating meal support for MOMs in need, i.e., births, illnesses, or deaths.

·         Other duties as designated by the Board.

·         Chairs and coordinates committee's for:

o    Family Picnic

o    Cookies with Santa

o    New MOMs Social - Committee consisting of Officers

o    Or any other membership social


·         Coordinate monthly meetings as needed.

·         Take pictures at all events for club for PR and marketing use.

·         Create and upkeep HAMOM Member Reference Guide.  Specific name of document may be decided and changed outside the bylaws.

·         Maintain historical information on club events, i.e., social, community/charitable involvement, family events. .

·         Other duties as designated by the Board


1. MOMs Mart

·         The current year's Vice-President will serve as Chair of MOMs Mart for the Fall and Spring sales for that same year. 

·         The Vice-President will appoint MOMsMart Co-Chair-MOM(s), if so desired, within 60 days of the next MOMsMart sale. 

·         A committee may be solicited and appointed as early as possible.

·         MOMsMart committee is effective for one year.  Committee members will serve from May to May of the following year; and will plan the following Fall MOMs Mart and the following years Spring MOMs Mart. 

·         Committee members must have served as a worker for at least one MOMs Mart sale prior to being on the MOMs Mart committee. 

·         All committee members are required to attend at least one MOMs Mart committee planning meeting.

·         All committee members must work at a minimum 3 shifts during the sale.

·         Each committee member must be responsible for and complete at least one assigned task.

·         Each committee member must be current in their membership

·         The President will sit on this committee, ex-officio, as like all other committees.

2. Annual Election Nominating Committee